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    Sep 3rd via Bad Pitch Blog

    Your Social Media Policy & the Nude Celebrity Photo Scandal

    You're thinking, "come on...this is headline bait. How can these two topics be even remotely connected?" This Venn diagram depicting Internet privacy (created by Dave Hoffman) is our answer.No, you and your fellow employees are not celebrities. Celebrities are subjected to an unfor...

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    Sep 2nd via Bad Pitch Blog

    3 Reasons Why You Should Love Data: a PR #protip

    Early in my career, I'd declare I'm part of the creative class, in part, because of my dislike for math. Today, I still wouldn't trade my career for anything. But I've learned to love math.The silos between art and science dissolved long ago. And every public relations professional should love ma...

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    Aug 14th via Bad Pitch Blog

    At A Loss For Words

    The following pitch was received by a journalist friend of mine yesterday.  I will not comment on it.  I guess this is why Kevin and I started this blog in the first place. Read at your own risk."Robin Williams’ tragic death leaves consumers at high risk of identity theft. The 1.2 ...

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    Aug 7th via Bad Pitch Blog

    Is Soft Language Killing Your Pitch?

    We just paid homage to Ernest Hemingway for his support of simple, clear and effective writing. Add George Carlin to the list of talented individuals reminding us to write tight. The infamously expletive-wielding Carlin could be the NSFW poster child. So does that make him the worst possible rol...

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  • Placeit 
    Jul 23rd via Bad Pitch Blog

    Hemingway App Fights Bad Pitches

    When it comes to media relations, the analogy about a chain only being as strong as its weakest link applies. Your media list may be solid, but if your pitch is ham-fisted it doesn't matter. This applies to the entire cycle.The Hemingway App is one tool you can use to make sure your pitch is as s...

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